Political parties that are more pro-oil development, pro-private car, pro-sprawl, and pro- additional resource use look to have even greater public support going forward. These desires will have even more potent effects on the already feeble, anemic and embattled idea of a green economy. Inadequate light, both figuratively and metaphorically, looks to cause the tiny yellow green shoots to wither and die. Strong rightward and anti-density emotions will provide even more fodder for the anti-environmental cause.
The unconsciously pro 6th great extinction cult is fixed on sleepwalking towards abrupt ending of the 10,000-year experiment in civilization and perhaps Homo sapiens too, as (the never to be spoken of) biophysical constraints force unrelenting and evermore constraining pressures on humans. These real-world forcings are eliciting (and will further cause going forward) knee jerk reactions, emotions, and scapegoating. These feelings will more strongly impel a strongman, fascist/theocratic type future as we even further deselect for rational planning based on scientific real-world data about our actual predicaments. LS