Fully 50% who profess to attend a religious service in the USA on a weekly basis support Christian Nationalism. LS


In previous polling it was found that those who claim to attend religious services on a regular basis in the USA are more supportive of both war and torture than the general population. Since the average support is so high, this is very significant in my opinion. LS

Currently almost a third support Christian Nationalism (Theocracy), almost a third are opposed, and the rest are either ambivalent towards or skeptical of Christian Nationalism. Those percentages remind me of the US military budget, one third think it is too high, one third think it is too low and one third think it just right. LS

Christian nationalism on the rise as it enjoys more Republican support : NPR

In my view we are witnessing the hybridization of neoliberalism. fascism, and theocracy here in the USA. A protean creature is evolving in real time, right before our eyes. LS