Calling Someone Racist, Homophobic or Transphobic In Florida Could Result In Legal Troubles Under a New GOP Measure (

Recently Florida had passed numerous laws that are likely unconstitutional and certainly impact on First Amendment rights. That being said, it would be a further affront to those freedom of speech rights if this does pass. If they are determined to pass it, perhaps, members of the FL legislature, who happen to believe in the Constitution and or rule of law/democratic form of government might feel a need to circumscribe the scope and valance of this fascist (and Marxist) like tactic. Why not attempt to put a rider on the bill that specifies that it only applies to the private sector and not to public officials/state employees or to corporations that happened to be chartered to do business in the state of Florida.

Conversely, this proposed bill should not further proscribe the constitutional rights of existing and past elected officials and current citizens employed by the people of the State of FL. Let’s stop with resurrecting the sordid past of the FL State government in the 1950s. Back when we fired people for accepting the scientific theory of evolution (or god forbid teaching that biological science at the University of Florida in Gainesville) or being homosexual; or possessing literature with such sexual content or being alleged members of the American Civil Liberty Union or “fellow travelers”, or even having a darker than average skin color and expressing one’s civil rights to voice opinions on public policy.
Lord knows, if I was African American in that era, I would address the separate but “equal?” policy “black codes” of Florida for publik education. And the discrimination on public transportation, pools, housing, and public accommodations including restaurants, bars, and hotels. Why should I have to suffer daily indignities in a couture (culture) than honors the HONOR of it’s Citizen, and no I’m no 3/5 60% Missouri Citizen. We have the rights given by the Creator of: life (that means no strange fruit hangin in the trees), liberty, and the pursuit of frippin JUSTICE. All MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. Get with the 1770s dude!!!
It is true that with a Republican Governor and legislature, this freedom enabling rider idea may be shot down. It has already flushed protections for many “woke” liberties of a free people. This includes both human and civil rights/academic freedom which were summarily flushed down the shitter (with much apparent abandon and glee in my view). Why they prefer to shoot honor in the foot I have no clue. I am a recent resident of Florida. I always though honor was especially elevated below the Mason-Dixon Line. With new data, I have thus changed my opinion, as rational people do. Who knows, many of these Republican politicians, may just need to use the invention of Thomas P Crapper a few extra times before going to work. Why be a freekin EINE DUMMKOPF (stupid head) or a SCHEISKOPF/DAS Arschloch??????????? Get enjoyment, money or power from that despicable behavior?
History does not repeat, but it can rhyme and follow the same measure and beat. Via State Policy, book banning and other Enabling Acts (following the propaganda antics of the 1938 Kristallnacht) the academic freedom of teachers and professors was severely curtailed in Germany in the Make Deutschland Wunderbar (great, wonderful) Again movement contesting democracy/ human rights. Giving extra political rights to property owning “Whites/Aryans” Lets wave Florida’s/Confederacy/ Nazi Germany’s shared grand melanin uber changing projects: auf Weidersehen:
Good Bye!!!
Mark “Twain” Mark Twain From” A Massachusetts Yankee in Reconstruction Confederacy King DeSantis’s Court circa 1889