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The USA’s corporate tax revenue as a percentage of GDP is 105 or 115 nations. Note also that in 2022 the USA had the next to lowest marginal corporate tax rate. We are between Bulgaria and Hong Kong. LS

All the countries with a lower corporate marginal tax rate have lower poverty than the USA. That being said, Estonia and Latvia have higher over 65 poverty, as when the Soviet Union collapsed, the former states of the Union did not get a trust fund for Social Security as a claim on assets sold (at fire sale prices) to the oligarchs. LS

But even Bulgaria has a lower poverty rate than the USA, but a higher over age 65 rate due to being part of the former Soviet Union. LS

The USA is also 37 of 38 OECD countries for the poverty rate. LS

Costa Rica is #38. Of all the countries that the OECD tracks the USA is low on the total government spending, as a percent of GDP. This does not even count the fact that, due to a low taxation rate, we borrow massive amounts from the future by deficit spending.
All the countries that are lower except Costa Rica and possibly Indonesia (% of GDP in government spending) have lower total poverty but Chile has higher child poverty. CR has not just higher average poverty, but higher child and over 65 poverty as well, in comparison to the USA. LS
The USA borrowed 5.5% of GDP for spending due to low tax rates. That comes out to $11,000 per us household. All for the privilege of low taxation coupled with high poverty. LS
“All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.” ― Adam Smith