America’s Most Expensive Home for Sale Hits the Market for $295 Million – WSJ

Donahue invented mutual funds. Each grandchild gets a cool $1 million at 18 or 21. I have been by there numerous times on a boat and just walking to the south end of the sparkling white sand beach. Have also walked the beach on Keewaydin Island a few times just for shelling. A fence was damaged from about an 8-foot surge a year ago at the compound. Someone bought a 48-million-dollar teardown (urban renewal?) just north of there about 6 years ago. This property is the only gated home in that part of Naples. Many of the very wealthy will not buy in that neighborhood because it is not gated. They do not allow famous rock stars to buy in Port Royal. They also have an exclusive (not yacht) club with hefty initiation fees. One person bough an adjoining lot for a place to walk her dog. One, a rag to riches Chicago hot dog tycoon has an expensive home in nearby Pelican Bay but needed a place for his well-appointed yacht.
It is the home of some very well-known CEO and others. One person, who invented the artificial knee, has a small family compound on the Naples Bay. I love to see their boat “Bone Benders” in Aqualane Shores, next to Port Royal. The nearby Naples Yacht club is by invitation only, there is an extremely steep nonrefundable price plus annual fees, to get on the wait list. A multiyear wait, then to get a slip could be a decade…
Think Judge Judy, the CEO of Best Buy, Senator, Goldman Sacs, Bank and Insurance C-suites etc. . Private airport nearby for the Lear jets. Jet in for a week or two then possibly the home sits empty till next season. Naples has a foodie culture as well. Many in Port Royal have multiple homes around the USA and the world. To be fair, I am in favor of public policy that supports democracy, a livable future and more equality of both opportunity and post-tax outcome.
As the crow flies, I am about 3 miles away in East Naples. but up on the 3 floor (in a condo) and the ground is 10 feet above current sea level. I live in an arts district at the edge of the “hood”.
Eventually Florida will only be a destination for scuba divers. The NW end of our (lower 48) only tropical savannah ecosystem stops about 8 miles north. Then one enters the subtropics… LS
This sale about 3 miles north of the Donahue compound was for well north of $1 billion dollars. LS
Naples has the third highest per capita income of all of our nearly 400 MSAs (Metro areas in the USA. Yet the median wage is under $20 bucks an hour, so the income inequality/poverty is off the charts, partially due to rental and housing costs. About the worst in the eastern USA. sort of like an Aspen Colorado, but on a beautiful beach. Needless to say plenty of art. Plus the most beautiful botanical garden in the world. LS
Immokolee is in Collier County (Naples FL)
Collier County is fertile ground for America’s cultural instincts for both fascism and theocracy (it’s not a good thing, it’s a God thing) LS:  Ave Maria University’s Strangle-Hold on Women Goes Way Beyond Suing Obamacare (
Note “live” can mean “Tax Resident of Naples FL. Billionaires usually have multiple “homes”. LS