May be an image of ‎1 person and ‎text that says '‎اشترِك HB Jackson Hinkle @jacksonhinklle srae bombed homes. srae bombed schools. Israel bombed hospitals. Israel bombed churches. Israel bombed evacuees. srae bombed journalists. Israel bombed UN workers. But they want you to believe Israel is "good" and Palestinians are "evil."‎'‎‎

I must say, the USA believes the friggin wholesale business is by definition orders of magnitude morally superior to retail. We also think Christianity is superior to Judaism.
When Jews try their hand at our business, we have some strong pre-existing blood libel biases especially our Catholics and Protestants. They may be pretty good Merchants in Venice, (just ask William Shakespeare) but we kicked their butt in Sicily. Their sorry ass had to leave with their tail between their legs. Our minor Don fired their last Capo. We still take care of his widow and children, sending money every year to Israel for our tacit contract. As I said yesterday, “God, we are honorable”.
We have brought millions to premature morbidity and death (in both SE and SW Asia) at a cost of about $100 trillion generous taxpayers’ dollars since WW2. We do not cry over spilt milk; thus no war reparations have been paid yet. Heck we even borrowed billions to lower world population by some rather cruel methods, yet we still think of ourselves as exceptional and good, pursuing our god given mission. Israel is just small fry; we are the big Kahuna.
This year will pay over $6000 per US household (an offer you can’t refuse no less) on our world saving interest, on our Uber national debt. It is a penance we Calvinists gladly endure as the word’s exceptional yet indispensable country! Hear,Hear! Huzzah! LS
PS , to be fair we will borrow the interest from purported future taxpayers, but now I am splitting hares sp? . Guta go bunnyrabbit.  LS