A Religion of Life | Do the Math (ucsd.edu)

We are a story telling species. Stories about “god s” gave selective advantage to groups, who developed greater internal altruism. It rolled the dice in their favor in out group competition and aided in in group Mangement, which is some cases was a positive sum game.

The efficacy of the “god” stories is getting lower and lower vs robust reality interrogation thru the scientific method. When we all saw a picture of Gaia from our moon, a cultural light emerged, that may aid us in our polycrisis. As the probability of the deselection of human civilization (not leaf cutter ant civilization) and or Homo sapiens rises the possibilities of reality centered stories are magnified. Even for people that listen to the siren of the Woo Sisters!

Our best hope is the continued atrophy of the “god” tales as told in the Goatherder’s Guide to the Galaxy (Bible/Torah), Bhagavad-Gita, Koran, …. We need all the leverage we can muster if we prefer to increase the potential for better than a stochastic chaos theory driven resultant outcome. LS