Motivated science skeptics will say, because it is sporadically colder than normal, and it still occasionally snows in some areas, that by definition there is a massive climate change hoax It is elicited and spread by the conspiracy of a durable rabble of sinners, seditionists, and tree hugging reptilian dirty unkempt hippies. To wit: a gaggle of knuckle drag ing from the depths of hell evolution promoting  woke black gay antifa liberals/cultural Marxists/butch socialists scientists bisexual asslicking weather forecasters trans paleo climatologists gender transitioning physicists Harvard University ivory ivy/league tower big gubermint supporting self-serving snobs non-profits and the Chink communist party politicians who are hell bent on taking away our hard won freedoms (and guns) to increase the size of their empire and drag us kicking and screaming into Fauci’s Way Down Mexico Way Mordor Estate. What I mean to say is, who the frig/fuck knows what magnitude of evil lurks in the heart of darkness?”


To thine own heart be true; Perses purses her lips, sounds the bugle then the war cry. Onward, cross the Rubicon, (and install high tech razor wire in the center of that border river) in our patriotic quest to kick the election rigging trans gay marriage baby killing Ivy league tax and spend liberal senators from their perch on the Dias at the Capitol. Let them eat a 5/8 noose while swinging on makeshift liberty gallows. Break open the prison gate of the Janvier (January) 6th Bastille, so the true patriots can be released and given fair pay/reparations for the government’s atrocious and patently unconstitutional behavior towards them. Prosecutorial and poli Then allowed to have their constitutional rights respected and to state their grievances against the blood dripping Deep State atheists and Jews and overzealous purveyors of prosecutorial misconduct. Next thing you know, they will take the rangelands from the cowboys and the forests from the loggers. We will be both starved and frozen to death to satisfy the ungodly green new deal of the wacked feminist AOC and their rat infected hyper violent democrat cities.


Somone has to ban this terrible feminazi policy of interracial marriage and uphold State’s rights. Bring back the black codes and the miscegenation laws that the looney tunes liberal and corrupt Supreme Court overthrew. And Jesus we pray, apply the existing Comstock Laws to prevent pornography, rubbers, and all the wicked birth control corporations from making profits by shipping these wicked fruits of Satan to customers/sinners/Lucifers/witches/pagans and Druids across friggin State lines already. We must put God back where he belongs, directing the seats of political power to follow his word, the Bible. Get the 10 Commandments posted on every courthouse and public-school door, to turn us from wickedness, eternal torture/hell, We have come to a fork in the road, choose school choice/prayer, life, liberty, God, freedom, and honor this blessed day as President Bush did, after finding the weapons of mass destruction and watching babies being torn from hospital incubators by rapacious Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait. Bush patriotically announced he had been instructed by God; a war on Iraq for freedom on the Ides of March Let this be our day and may infamy come to the snakes, vermin, and diseased purveyors of Satan’s will. White Lives really do Matter.

It then follows that policy should only be informed by a fringe John Galtian Übermensch, composed of Aryan, non-Jew, non-immigrant, non-blood-libel, “Q natural and spiritual “science” and fellow travelers. Together with their KKK aligned anti globalist/George Soros/ Bill Gatesmicrochip siliconvalleygoddirectedplutocrats. These champions of retribution, replete with their characteristically overly ambitious behaviors, forever groveling for more power/money plus their politically aligned necrophiliac “think” (faith) tanks will make Amerika/Germany great again! Lest God destroy us with famine, pestilence, atheist chinavisruses, HAARP earthquakes Jewish laser forest fires, and hurricanes, we have to accept Jesus of our own personal Lord and Savior, all stranglers, fruits, figs or otherwise will have their owned and earned retribution.

Yes, America has a Janus like zeitgeist, a divided, some prefer a sustainable continuation of civilization and Homo sapien. The other side, wedded to the lebensraum of premature mortality.

As a “Raven” once observed: “I have to be live in this horrible place because the cheapest university in the world is in Emporia, Kansas. This morning the whole sociology class came unglued at me for suggesting that creationism is not a “legitimate” science. One out of every two people in this town looks mentally retarded, and the whole town is full of toadstools and stray dogs. The primary industry is butchery of animals, which are killed and disjointed by a large smokestack industry using illegal aliens from Mexico for cheap-ass wages, typical for the cheap-ass piece of shit town it is. It’s too bad the hurricane stopped so far south, this place could have used a good rinsing out. What’s a liberal witchy bisexual to do in the Land of the Dead? Write this kind of stuff, I guess.

46930 illiterates could not understand this page.


A possible compromise, Let us be free to have our strong and conservative beliefs in God and that Adam lived happily with Eve and T Rex in Eden. Obviously, there was never a so called “big bang”; your astrophysicists should go back to Sunday School. Since we do not want our blood culture and language of our ancestors poisoned by disease carrying immigrants and esp illegal drug running jail break thieves, rapists, and murderers. As you strongly desire to take them in, we propose that you pay for a wall, perhaps following the Mason Dixon line in places. that way we can vet for non-citizens, criminals, banned books, sexual paraphernalia, anti-abortion and other banned drugs and save you the Texas to CA border costs. We pledge to not go through another civil war, as we have no incentive to pay for the particularly odious US Federal Debts if we win. Nor do we want those godless NATO countries to join the fray on your side. That was your bad judgement to let the debt get out of hand over our long standing strong objections. We do pledge to aid in your common defense if you pledge for us. We promise not to curtail the movement of citizens to the North but pledge no safety guarantee for welfare Queens other parasites like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security pensioners, those woke liberals, feminazis, Jews, Muslims, esp. the terrorist ones, communists, agnostics, and especially the dangerous blasphemers and apostasy spewing atheists who care to stay here after 30 days. Aquinas, Saint Augustine, Martin Luther and the French Jesus fearing Christian Calvin gave us special religious conversion instructions that do not follow any of your penny-ante ultra-liberal and socially dangerous modern codes on appropriately robust torture, human rights, incommunicado detention, and premature death. Habeas Smaybeas Corpus Lupus! Get what I mean, wise guy? Pretend I am making you on offer you can’t refuse! We also expect you to reciprocate as an honorable gentleman for once, like the golden rule that God taught us for all mankind. If you slow or harm anyone who wants to emigrate to the south side of the line, we will follow that honorable rule of an eye for an eye to the death. Under the penalty of God, Honor, and war we expect any one of our citizens that is numbered and chipped to be returned, similar to the now defunct Fugitive Slave Act. There will be no Missouri Compromise or other depravations to our honor like that you once did in the War of Northern Aggression, AKA the War Between the States (for you Yankees to get the picture). You will get to keep the Left Coast from San Francisco to Seattle, we will care for the entire El Norte region and teach them English as the divine providence intended long ago. You can have your drunken Indians from your reservations. A Reconquita Pox on you.  Would you like us just to send all the Hispanics north, legal or illegal, in jail or not? If not, we have some of our own ideas on how to deal with your mess. Among other things we are thinking of Hispanic codes and their very robust application. Although Opus Dei is scheduled to shortly be banned for blasphemy and ultra-leftist views, many of the Hispanics of the SW and west Texas are not believers in a secular state, but rather in Catholic theocracy. The conversion process should go relatively well over a decade or so. It sound be pretty simple to shear them of their papist views. We do not allow agents of other nations in our borders. We have little faith in positive results for non-believers and even religious people who prefer Madison’s failed idea a wall of separation between the Church and State.


Certainly, this contest is an echo of our Noble and Aristocratic Manorial past that conservatives’ fawn over and reactionary’s drool for. Truth be told, some citizens in the not real distant past preferred to not grow and god forbid pick cotton, rice and indigo. We brought the Manor lords, but the Irish serfs scattered to the redneck uplands of the Appalachians. god damm them.


Others Howled (like Allen Ginsberg the Jewish Beat), imagined themselves as slaves and serfs and mused they would prefer a more liberal, anti-religious view; that not just them but that even all people live, not as cattle chattel, but as human beings with the liberty and prosperity of free choice in the pursuit of happiness, foreswearing and notwithstanding the Biblical injunction for slaves to follow their masters. Some thought they were endowed by nature/creator with natural rights and that government is by right and duty instituted among humans to uphold those rights of life and liberty and were concomitantly instructed by Province to wrest power from the clutches of the absolute despotic, King George 111, at the founding of our Revolutionary Republic.



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