A very recent OECD skills study showed that citizens, age 16-65, of the USA scored 19th of 20 nations in the adjusted mean numeracy test and 18 of 21 in literacy. For young people age 16-24 in the numeracy test the USA was 24 of 24, and 20 of 21 in literacy. In terms of manipulating and using info our young adults were 19 of 19 in Proficiency in problem solving in technology-rich environments. In the age 16 to 65 technology-rich environment test the USA was better at 16 of 19 largely due to the legacy of Soviet rule in eastern Europe. To sum it up we are the least likely nation in the OECD to have parents help impart any type of scientific information to their children, on or off a computer due to both knowledge and skill constraints. At a cultural level, we have very high belief in information from religious sources, high animosity to intellectuals, and high anti scientific bias. For large swaths of the nation the enlightenment is something they never heard of. When asked if the sun travels around the earth or the opposite 25% chose the former. 50% of the answers would be right by chance. About 11% think that evolution is a fact and it is not directed by a deity. 52% believe that god created humans less than 10,000 years ago. LS